by xiaochua


“Big bastards, that’s what the Beatles were. You have to be a bastard to make it, that’s a fact, and the Beatles are the biggest bastards on Earth.”

-John Lennon

It was a Thursday morning in the computer room. We weren’t doing anything so Mayo played a cassette tape. Good for us Mayette brought to school her player.

Bored, Mayo thought of listening to the tape, he told me I’ll gonna like the music. So he introduced the song which was “Hey Jude!” and I was reminded of the days when my dad and my uncles were singing the song on videoke.

And I listened to the other songs which I’m familiar but never knew that they were sung by The Beatles…

And boom! The doors were opened for me!

Before that Thursday morning, all I knew of the Beatles was that they were the f%!ing band that dishonored the Lord by John Lennon saying, “We are more popular than Jesus Christ!”. And as I heard from Rod Navarro, this was the reason why the fab four disbanded and eventually, Lennon was shot dead. They were punished by God.

I became lured to the beauty of their songs, finding them very witty and cheerful. Cheerful enough to make me really smile again after a failure of not really trying to win Johanna, whom I admire so much at that time. In my frustrations, I had goose-bumps listening to their hits.

That Thursday, we were only half day in our classes. I remained in school with Mayo listening and relaxing again and again in the tune of the Beatles.

And the Beatles hit me! And literally changed me! Their music helped me know myself better, to know what I really like and what I really wanna do. The Beatles were sent to me by God to make me feel it’s cool to be different and be you.

I love the Beatles because in their music, I felt I was loved for in the depths of my desolation, I have nothing to turn to but The Beatles.

You don’t know what it means to me…

Exactly one year since, Beatlemania still persists in me.

I’m still proud to be a Beatlemaniac

There came a time when I realized that I have all their releases except for one! But why did I spend all my money for their recordings.

Because they make me feel better, always make me feel so free…”Free as a Bird!”

For the reason they persist and could penetrate even to a new generation of listeners, is simply because of the fact that their lyrics and tune could relate to feelings and emotions of love or anger, of happiness or, loneliness, of every feeling of every man.

They became innovative in their music, way ahead of their time. They weren’t afraid to be themselves, and they weren’t afraid to change. That’s why the young still dig their songs. There were songs for the conservative, for the rocker, for the eccentric. In their only eight years of their reign, they gone from, “I want to hold your hand” to “I’d love to turn you on.”

So whatever their histories were, be it good or bad; be it of hardwork or pride; be it of love or hate; what is important is their music pulled me from the mud, and I never became the same again. For me, they’re still God’s instruments. For in everything there is a reason. The Beatles literally took a sad song, “And make it better…”

“Peace and Love” to everyone!

4 November, 2000

The Diary of Michael Chua

Encoded by Mr. Ronnie Amuyot of the University of the Philippines, 2007