democracy will always be a dictatorship disguised as long as the people will not ask for laws that can defend from governments, laws that force governments to listen to the people and not from the ,,god of money,, – democrazia sarà sempre una dittatura mascherata finche i popoli non chiederà leggi che li puo difendere dagli governi, leggi che obbliga i governi di ascoltare dal popolo e non dal ,,dio denaro,, – democrația va fi întotdeauna o dictatură deghizată atâta timp cât poporul nu va cere legi care îl pot apăra de guverne, legi care obligă guvernele să asculte de popor și nu de ,, zeul ban,,

valeriu dg barbu

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Noam Chomsky’s Decalogue.

1 – The people must always mind occupied with something other than his real problems
2 – People must perceive leaders as saviors of the nation
3 – The people must be constantly prepared for the worst
4 – The people must believe that what governments prepare them for the worst living is all for his own good
5 – The people must be thinking that does not allow referral links between causes and effects
6 – The people must no longer used to problematize reality and act on the spur of emotions
7 – People have gotten used to cheap satisfactions which to occupy their time and to demotivate to achieve higher ideals
8 – people should not have access to media full, accurate, fair and objective
9 – People should be induced to flock spirit
10 – people should not believe in the…

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