JOHN LENNON: Most Influential Performer, 2 November 2000

Xiao and Lennon, 2002

Personally, John Lennon is really the most influential performer in the tribute episode for classic MTV last 1 November. John Lennon and The Beatles received most of the screams from people who were really going nuts and were dancing with their music. Also, The Beatles were one of the pioneers when rock and roll was still young Lennon’s songs such as “Strawberry Fields Forever”, “Come Together”  and the LP “The Beatles” (White Album) were so innovative their style still persists up to now despite of being classics. The young generation who never really knew the Beatles still appreciates their songs and contemporary artists are used to reviving their songs. The Beatles were timeless and influential until now, and this is mainly attributed to “The Guiding Spirit of The Beatles”, .John Lennon.

After the break-up of the Beatles in 1970 emerged the real John Lennon, an advocate of peace. In his song “Imagine”, he united the world against the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, we lost John Lennon in 1980, but in his death, people literally came together right then over him!

But definitely, his most important contribution to the world through his music is how he is touching people’s lives even today, and I’m proud to say I was one of those million lives!

In November of last year, when I was so depressed, a friend of mine, Mayo, made me listen to the Beatle song “Hey Jude”. And that was the start of it. God gave me The Beatles to turn on to. And their songs of love, anger and rebellion became my output. Listening to Beatle song made me feel calm, relax, almost a tranqul1izer! The Beatles were there for me in my lowest. Praise God! I became a Beatlemaniac, and I’m so proud I’m one! Sorry if I’m getting emotional.

And Lennon became an example for me of the joy of becoming yourself. Even how weird his likes and his ways were, he just went on, never minding his critic. As long as he doesn’t hurt anybody. I knew myself very well, it’s because I know Lennon. It’s cool to be you.

John Lennon is said to have contributed much to the world, not merely because of his pioneering achievements, but because of the millions of lives he had touched through the years.

-2 November 2000

Encoded by Mr. Ronnie Amuyot of the University of the Philippines, 2007